Screen Shots

This is where your people are managed. Basic info, Contact info, Tags, and family grouping are maintained here.
Plan a service or event. Add any details. Assign volunteers/staff from your teams. Upload files/songs to share.
You can download & print your plan. Some people always want paper or that final printed look.
Contributions - Batch
Contributions are managed in a batch. Create and manage the batch here.
Contributions - Batch Summary
Summary view including all payment types, and funds. Add a new contribution by typing the first few letters of a person, then click on the match. There is a 'Add New Person' to add somebody quickly who is not in your people.
Contributions - Entry
Entry is easy. No math involved, as balances are carried. All changes are stored in the database.
Mail Template
Powerful tool allows you to create an email template. You can send out instantly or schedule a campaign for the future. Filters & tags allow you to quickly find the people you are interested in communicating with.
Tag Tool
Tool helps filter through your data, and then tag it for use (for example - send out a 'Thank You' email to everybody who donated to the building fund).
Check Ins
Check in your people, guests, children, leaders. Track by class.
Check Ins
On-Screen Reporting
Check Ins
Downloadable / PDF Reports
All your events are shown and managed from the calendar. There's also a public version which you can give to your website team to publish.
What would you like to do? Click on the event and go where you need to go
Calendar - Edit Event
Edit the event. Create event templates for recurring events.
Measures the pastor and leaders are interested in. High level metrics, contributions, attendance, year-over-year. Will be adding more
See all your users, and assign access level here. Here's where you also invite other users or inactive them, when needed.
Mailing Labels. Simple. Never do a mail-merge again.